I don’t mind being a second wife with any man that I see now, Wumi Toriola speaks on her single life

Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola has made an intriguing revelation, hinting at the possibility of considering a second marriage. The single mother of one candidly expressed her newfound openness to becoming a second wife, a decision she believes will contribute to her happiness.

During a recent interview with renowned media personality Debbie Shokoya, Toriola opened up about her relationship status, sharing that she has remained unmarried for a considerable period. In her own words, she admitted, “I’m after-one now,” signaling a desire for companionship and love.

Toriola’s perspective on being a second or third wife has undergone a transformation. She emphasized that her priority is her own happiness, indicating that if she encounters a partner who is in a similar situation or a widower, she would be open to marriage. Her statement reflects a shift in societal norms and individual choices, emphasizing personal happiness and fulfillment as paramount in one’s decision-making regarding relationships.

Wumi Toriola’s candidness on this matter serves as a reminder that people’s views on marriage and relationships can evolve over time. Her openness to the possibility of a second marriage is a testament to the importance of prioritizing one’s well-being and happiness when considering such significant life choices.

Infotrend.com.ng Entertainment recalled that Wunmi Toriola welcomed her first kid into the world the year after being married in 2018. She revealed on her Instagram page in 2023 that her four-year marriage had failed. Watch The Video Below;


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng