“I don’t flaunt borrowed cars like you” – Timini Egbuson berates Zubby Michael

In a swift response, emerging Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson fires back at his senior counterpart, Zubby Michael, in the wake of claims suggesting he has the financial capacity to purchase Timini. The altercation unfolded during the debut episode of the Prime Video original reality series, ‘Ebuka Turns Up Africa,’ where Zubby boldly proclaimed himself as the ‘preeminent actor’ on the continent.

Timini swiftly contested Zubby’s assertion, asserting that he wasn’t superior to him.

Responding to Zubby’s assertion, Timini Egbuson was visibly perturbed by the insinuation of being purchasable, especially by financial means.

Responding to the remark in a subsequent episode of the show, Timini remarked that Zubby lacked sufficient knowledge about him to boast about buying him.

Timini went on to mention that Zubby and his associates flaunt borrowed cars to impress  social media platform

In his words;

“You don’t know shit about who I am. Because you have all this your Igbo connect that you people will borrow each other’s cars and do all those things, you think you have seen me finish? What do you even know about me bro?”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng