I Discovered My Parents Does Not Like Me Because Of The Way They Treated Me With My Condition, Eniola Finally Speaks Revealed Reason For Everything, So Emotional (Video)

Eniola, the young person who was supported with 400k by Brain Jotter, has now disclosed a troubling aspect of their life. Eniola, who transitioned from being a lady to living as a boy, recently opened up about the physical abuse they experienced from their mother.

According to Eniola, there was a particularly distressing incident when their mother subjected them to a severe beating, causing them to swell up so much that they had difficulty breathing. This traumatic experience led them to believe that their mother did not love them at all. In response to this heartbreaking situation, Eniola made the difficult decision to run away from home and vowed never to return to that same house where such pain had been inflicted upon them.

It’s a poignant reminder of the difficult and sometimes painful journeys that individuals go through in their pursuit of understanding and acceptance, both within their families and in society at large.

Infotrend.com.ng Entertainment recently reported that Eniola’s mother, the recipient of ₦400k from Brain Jotter, has come forward to shed light on the situation. In her revelation, she clarified that her child’s actual name is Sultan, and they were never named Eniola. She further revealed that Sultan had engaged in deceiving others to live a different life. For more details on this matter, you can watch the video where she shares her perspective.

Here are some social media reactions:

– Arewashabiade: “Omo, this boy dey lie haaa, your emi run come your hand because of beating, shibo, you no fit see.”

– Heisartless: “Cook another one, this one no too enter 😢 because I just watched your mama’s interview 😂😂😂.”

– Djentity1: “You trust this boy at your own peril. He’s been dressing like this since he was little, I know him from Asubiaro in Oshogbo.”

– Emmybillion: “Sultan can lie for Africa, believe him at your own risk. He’s my friend, a makeup artist in Osogbo.”

– Ambalipacjay: “You expect your mum to be all affectionate with you when you’re behaving like a woman, right?.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng