“I dated a married man and I couldn’t leave him, because I was enjoying in the relationship more than his wife does” – Kiitan Bukola spill

A renowned Yoruba film actress, Kiitan Bukola, who was previously involved with a married man, has elaborated on why she struggled to move on from the relationship. In a recent video interview with media personality Damilola Banire on Oyinmomotv’s YouTube channel, she disclosed her experience, citing her enjoyment of the relationship as a challenge in ending it. Raised in a polygamous family with her father having multiple wives and 19 children, Bukola shared her perspective that individuals might consider polygamous marriages if they weren’t satisfied in their previous marital relationships. She emphasized that some marriages aren’t perfect, leading individuals to explore other options.

“I came from a polygamous family, and there is a limit to what I can say when it comes to marriage because my father married five wives and has nineteen children.

“I dated a married man and I couldn’t leave him because I was enjoying the relationship.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng