I create time for my family so my wife won’t regret marrying an actor –Antar Laniyan spill

Renowned actor, producer, and director Antar Laniyan reflects on the lessons of fatherhood in an interview with GBENGA ADENIJI:

When asked about fatherhood, Antar Laniyan emphasizes the importance of responsibility towards one’s children, wards, and spouse.

When did you become a father?

I became a father around 20 years ago.

Did you witness the birth of your children?

I was on set shooting a movie called “Strange Woman” when my first boy was born, and I witnessed the birth of the second boy.

How did you feel being in the labor room to witness your wife give birth?

It required strength, but I was determined to be there for the experience.

What have been your challenges as a father?

Balancing my career demands with family time has been a challenge, but I trust in God’s guidance.

Was the gender of your children what you preferred?

I left it to God’s plan, and I’m grateful for my children, regardless of gender.

What were your fears before marriage?

I worried about balancing career passion with family commitments.

How have you been able to combine your career with your roles as a father?

I prioritize creating time for my family, ensuring my wife and children never feel neglected due to my career.

How do you handle your children’s misbehavior without resorting to physical discipline?

I prefer having conversations with my kids to address their misbehavior since we have a close relationship, and I’m not inclined to using physical punishment.

As a busy actor, how do you prioritize spending time with your family?

I meticulously schedule my activities in my diary, ensuring there are dedicated resting periods that I use to both recharge and bond with my family.

Do your children critique your performances in the movies you’re in?

Yes, they watch my movies, and they’re honest about their opinions, especially if they’re not fully convinced by my roles.

Are any of your children interested in pursuing a career in entertainment like you?

While I can’t dictate their paths, it seems like they’re leaning towards the entertainment industry. I trust in God’s guidance for them.

What valuable lessons from your father do you incorporate into parenting?

My father instilled discipline and the importance of long-term vision. He was both principled and loving, qualities I aim to pass on to my own children.

How do you acknowledge and encourage your children’s good behavior?

I show appreciation for their good deeds by rewarding them with meaningful gifts, aiming to motivate them to continue doing well.

How do you unwind and relax?

Spending quality time with my family at home is my go-to method for relaxation.

What genres of music do you prefer listening to?

I enjoy the vibes of reggae and slow love songs. Artists like Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Dolly Parton, Dele Abiodun, KI, King Sunny Ade, and Ebenezer Obey fill my playlist, spanning from juju to fuji.

Regarding language in Yoruba movies, how do you handle speaking English in such contexts?

In most Yoruba movies where I speak English, it’s at the director’s discretion. I follow their guidance, as per the norms of theater etiquette.

How do you interact with your female fans?

I show appreciation and ensure I maintain appropriate boundaries.

Any aspirations to parent differently?

I prioritize providing my children with a solid education, believing it’s the greatest legacy I can offer.

How do you acknowledge your wife’s efforts in managing the household in your absence?

I support her by providing for her needs within my means, understanding her limits.

Is there a distinction between Antar Laniyan the actor and Antar Laniyan the father?

Absolutely. The actor side is disciplined and focused, while the fatherly persona is warm, friendly, and nurturing, like another ‘boy’ in the house.

What prepared you for fatherhood?

Guidance from my parents and emulating my father’s example, along with observing other relatives who maintain happy homes.

Any advice for your kids regarding relationships?

I advise them to assess carefully before committing, study their partner and their family dynamics, ensuring they feel welcome. If not, they always have a home to return to.

What are your thoughts on the nation’s film industry?

I believe we’re progressing, but there’s still room for technical growth before we reach our full potential.

What’s your most cherished memory as a father?

Being in the delivery room during the birth of my child made me appreciate motherhood even more.

What advice would you offer to future fathers?

Prepare thoroughly before diving into marriage. It’s a responsibility that requires strength and commitment.

If you weren’t an actor, what career path would you have pursued?

I would have pursued a career in the military; I’ve always been drawn to the discipline and respect in the armed forces.

Why the interest in becoming a soldier?

Growing up in an army barracks and admiring the uniform and discipline sparked my interest in becoming a soldier.

As a proud Osun State native and culture advocate, how often do you take your children back to your hometown?

I make sure to take my children to my hometown regularly to instill a connection to their roots.

Your signature hairstyle with a part-in, is it a personal statement or just a preferred style?

It’s a homage to my father’s hairstyle and has become my signature look.

What parenting practices contribute to societal issues today?

Broken marriages are a significant contributor to the challenges in society today, as they impact children’s upbringing.

What brings you the most joy as a father?

Seeing my children excel academically brings me immense joy.

Which movie role has been the most challenging and rewarding for you?

All my roles have been challenging due to the extensive preparation they require; it’s up to my fans and critics to decide which one is the best.

What are your thoughts on paternity leave?

Considering our African context, where men work on the farm and women manage childbirth, paternity leave doesn’t align with our traditional roles.

How can fathers best raise responsible adults?

Leading by example is crucial because children learn from what they see. Treating their mother with respect sets a positive precedent.

What’s the greatest gift your children have given you for your role as a father?

Receiving a heartfelt letter from my children on my birthday was the most meaningful gift I’ve received from them.

And finally, how many children do you have?

Ah, in Yorubaland, it’s not customary to disclose such details openly.

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