“I Cant Take This, Why Did You Lie To Me”- Feranmi Oyalowo Break Down In Tears As He Mourn His Brother Sisi Quadri

Popular Yoruba actor Feranmi Oyalowo has poured out his heart on social media as he mourns the passing of his brother and colleague, Sisi Quadri.

In a poignant reflection, the actor reminisced about his last encounter with Sisi Quadri, recalling discussions about their aspirations, including plans for a trip to the USA once his visa was granted.

Feranmi expressed his deep sense of loss, addressing Sisi Quadri affectionately as “Tolani Egbon mi daadaa ❤️,” emphasizing the close bond they shared. He recounted their shared moments and conversations, highlighting Sisi Quadri’s support and encouragement during difficult times.

The actor reflected on their professional collaborations, mentioning a new movie project they were set to embark on together, imbued with themes of hope and resilience. He fondly recalled Sisi Quadri’s unwavering presence and words of wisdom, even in moments of disagreement.

With a heavy heart, Feranmi bid farewell to his beloved brother and mentor, acknowledging Sisi Quadri’s enduring impact on his life and career. He expressed gratitude for their cherished memories and vowed to keep Sisi Quadri’s legacy alive in his heart forever.

In closing, Feranmi offered his heartfelt prayers for Sisi Quadri’s eternal rest, acknowledging the profound loss felt by all who knew and loved him.

Popular Yoruba actor Feranmi Oyalowo has taken to his social media page to mourn the death of his brother and colleagues Sisi Quadri
The actor reflect on the last time he saw Sisi Quadri, how he has been thinking of traveling to the USA once his visa come out.

He wrote: OMO I don’t know what to say cos it’s more than social media Tolani Egbon mi daadaa ❤️ sisi quadri
The last time we saw
is that why you keep saying I should travel to Usa or Canada your visa is almost ready you want me to travel somewhere too 😭!!
I need it and I should stop being too simple .
Are we still shooting your movie sir ? The new one you talked about sir ? The one you said tibi ati ire ni OMO tuntun mu wa si ile aye ,The one iya gbonkan threatens me and makes life terrible for your character … Are we sir ? Or it’s all over !! January 21 2024 when I lost my father you were with me ,you make sure I smiled despite all odds telling me baba ku baba ku ,you lied 😟
Should I tell the world how much you love me and tell me things I need to know about entertainment

Or moments am pissed with you ,you will say
“E ma ba mi be Feranmi e fi le fun mi”
E mi lo fe fi laaju,
Then after all , you will come. Back with style ,
Feranmi ki lo fe je
Ku ro ninu orun na,Abi ki lon ba kiri
I will remember you forever 😇

Rest well Tolani Egbon mi daadaa ❤️

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng