“I can’t date BBNaija girl, I like my girlfriend to be beautiful, so I can wake up and look at something beautiful” – Timini Egbuson reveals

Renowned Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson has shared insights into the kind of women he wouldn’t pursue romantically. The ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ luminary mentioned his reluctance to date someone overly obsessed with the Big Brother Naija reality show. Additionally, he expressed his disinterest in being involved with a woman who dances with a handkerchief, underscoring his belief in moderation. Timini revealed these preferences during a guest appearance on Kamsi Nnamani’s podcast ‘On The Kouch With Kamsi’.

Egbuson said, “When it comes to dating, I don’t care in terms of bodily endowments, but for face, I like to roll over when I wake up and look at something beautiful.

“I can’t date someone who is a Big Brother fan.That is a red flag. I mean, I watch Big Brother as well, I comment on it but you can’t be obsessed.

“Also I can’t date someone who is obsessed with dancing like dancing with a handkerchief and people cheering her like, ‘Go baby, go baby!’ I mean, I like everything done in moderation. So it’s a red flag if she is doing the most like dancing with a handkerchief [laughs].”

He added that he cannot date a lady who is a “bad kisser” but can date one who does not know how to dress.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng