“I cant come back to you”- Portable second babymama Honey Berry meet his Lookalike (Video tread)

Honey Berry, the second baby mama of the controversial singer Portable, appears to have irked him after encountering his doppelgänger.

In a recent social media post, the singer, visibly upset for several days, shared a video capturing Honey Berry’s rendezvous with his lookalike. The footage depicted Honey Berry engaged in a warm embrace with the man, who earnestly implored her to reconsider their relationship.

In her caption, Honey Berry made it known that she can’t return to the singer because being with him never added value to her life. She questioned if she was ever fat or as fine as she was now when she was with him.

“Ah me I can’t come back to u oh. Because when am with you, did I fat like this? No, and u no fine like this before”.

Many stormed her comment section noting how she was trying to trigger the controversial singer.

One Big Zee wrote, “Portable will not like this one

One Missy Fabby wrote, “Wahala girl

One Bukola Fabusuyi wrote, “Portable go soon do video now this babe is fine oo

One Mary Alegbeleye wrote, “Bad girly. Portable will come for u soon

One Horse Horpe wrote, “Na u dey find trouble now oo

One Official Wayzborn wrote, “You sef dey find trouble. Can’t you do without doing anything across to him

One Adanne wrote, “Drag him very well, no gree for anybody

One Shawlar Skincare wrote, “You Sha wan kee Portable”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng