I can’t bear it again, Bolt driver orders female passenger with body odour out of his car, video trends (Watch)

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A viral video circulating online has captured a tense encounter between a Bolt driver and a female passenger. The video, shared by the man via his TikTok handle, @virginbishop, alleges that the lady had a strong body odor.

In the video, the driver politely voiced his concern, asking the passenger if there was anything in her possession emitting the unpleasant odor. He said, “Madam, no vex, you carry anything wey dey smell? The smell too much,” expressing his discomfort.

The lady denied having anything that could cause the odor, but the Bolt driver remained skeptical and accused her of having body odor, repeating his doubts.

The driver stated, “Maybe na your body na. I don endure tire. The thing dey smell and I no fit bear am again.” In response, the passenger, evidently upset, defended herself, asserting that the driver couldn’t afford the perfume she used.

Despite the passenger’s attempts to prevent the driver from recording her, he insisted on capturing the video as potential evidence for any complaint she might file with Bolt. Ultimately, he instructed the lady to exit the car.

The lady complied, but not without hurling insults at the driver. Remarkably, the driver refused to accept payment from her for the ride. This incident occurred in Port Harcourt and has since gained attention online.

For a firsthand look at the encounter, you can watch the video below:


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