“I can never go off radar for anyone, my child will never die”- Wumi Toriola narrates how she was bullied when she was pregnant

Nollywood’s stunning actress Wumi Toriola has delivered a stern message to online bullies in light of the recent judgment against her colleague Funke Akindele regarding Jumoke Aderounmu’s passing.

In a live video, Toriola passionately expressed her stance against cyberbullying directed at celebrities. The devoted mother emphasized zero tolerance for such behavior, even if she herself is targeted.

Toriola firmly cautioned netizens that any form of bullying towards her would lead to her issuing a curse. She urged trolls to reconsider their actions, reminding them that either they or their children may one day enter the spotlight, perpetuating the harmful cycle of trolling.

Wumi Toriola recounted a distressing incident during her pregnancy with her son, Zion, where an unidentified individual trolled her, wishing her death during childbirth. Toriola also criticized the apparent hypocrisy within the Nollywood industry, suggesting that if they had shown solidarity, the situation wouldn’t have escalated. Infotrend reported that Funke Akindele addressed the situation on her Instagram Live, shedding light on her perspective regarding Jumoke Aderounmu’s circumstances. Aderounmu’s brother had publicly criticized Akindele for supposedly neglecting his late sister, accusing her of mourning publicly while being unreachable privately. Akindele spoke about her personal struggles, including the loss of her mother, marriage, and involvement in politics, expressing her ongoing efforts to rebuild her life.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng