“I am weak, it’s becoming cr@zy” Debbie Shokoya cries out as she query her colleague (Video)

Nollywood actress Deborah Shokoya, known as Debbie Shokoya, is the latest celebrity to voice concerns about the state of the economy.

Addressing her followers on Instagram, Debbie expressed her frustration, acknowledging that while she typically refrains from complaining about Nigeria’s challenges, the current situation has left her feeling overwhelmed.

Debbie questioned the government’s plans for its citizens, highlighting the lack of electricity, soaring fuel prices, high costs of food items, and widespread complaints from business owners. These issues have collectively contributed to her sense of weakness and uncertainty about the future.

She added that it is becoming cr@zy, as she expressed hope that all will be well.

“I am one of those people that doesn’t complain about Nigeria’s problems.
But Now Ehn!!
Mo weak!!

I am beginning to wonder if the government has good plans for us at all.

I am beginning to wonder if the government has good plans for us at all.

No Light
Fuel Is Cost
Food Items Is High!!!
Business Owners Are Complaining!!!
It’s Becoming So Crãzy…

Ewo, It Is Well Ooo”.

A few days back, Comedian Williams Uchemba had taken to social media to cry out over the current state of the economy.

In a video shared on social media, he revealed that the economy was not sustainable, as he lamented over the struggle in Nigeria reaching unprecedented heights.

He implored the government to do better as he cried out over how bad things have gotten and how things will continue to get even worse.

Similarly, Yul Edochie sent an encouraging message to Nigerians about the hardship in the country.

The clergyman, in a post on his Instagram page, stated that though there is hardship in the country, he believes all will be well and things will get better.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng