I am blessed because You are easy to talk to, Bimbo Afolayan shower praise at husband, Okiki Afolayan for his support

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Bimbo Afolayan, a dynamic entrepreneur and a notable figure in Nollywood, takes a heartfelt moment on her Instagram page to extend her deep appreciation to her loving husband, Okiki Afolayan, for his unwavering support over the years.

In her heartfelt post, Bimbo expresses her gratitude to her partner for not only enduring her playful humor but also for being the catalyst for positive change in her life. She highlights the joyous effect he has on her, emphasizing that his presence ignites more smiles and laughter in her life, making her feel truly fortunate.

Bimbo doesn’t hesitate to emphasize how her husband’s presence consistently brings her happiness, further underscoring the profound impact he has on her well-being.

“Dearest @okikiafolayan, being with you has transformed me in the best possible way. My smiles are broader, and my laughter is heartier. With you, I am truly blessed. Your open heart and attentive ears make even my driest jokes come alive. I deeply value who you are, what you’ve done, and your ongoing efforts.

With you, my heart is content and joyful.

I hold immense love for you, my cherished husband and the incredible father of our children.”

Fans and celebrities showered them with prayers and love.

– @bimboafolayan what ya murmuring is that. Okomi nomilowo now😂😂. Congratulations mooma ❤️. More wins

– Iku , Arun , Aye , Esu ese ko ni ya yin o In Shaa Allah…. Aamiin 🙏🤲.

– My people togetherness forever insha Allahu

– May almighty Allah continue to bless your home🙏 together forever ❤️

– So beautiful .. congratulations 🎉.. More wins

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng