I abuse people for a living, Sisi Quadri Reveal

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Known for his unique style of comedy, Sisi Quadri has reveals that he collect money to abuse people.

Sisi Quadri stated this in a recent interview with Oyimomo, he recount how a woman hired him to abuse her mother-in-law.

He said, ” People places a lot of order, they will say please come and insult this person, I will reply I can’t be wasting my energy.

I told one woman that I’ll collect one hundred thousand to abuse her mother in law, she said she will pay.

I told to go and bring the picture of her mother in law, she brought it and recored how the woman use to walk and her morning routine.

I asked if her father-in-law is still alive, she said no. I called her and taught her three songs that you sing for a widow to make her cry.

Watch him speaks below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng