How she take pass academy, Mixed reactions as policewoman sings national anthem wrongly with confidence

A video of a policewoman reciting the national anthem of the land wrongly during a conference has gone viral and attracted reactions.

At the Conference and Retreat for Senior Police Officers in Owerri, Imo State, a policewoman was seen reciting the national anthem incorrectly, shocking those in the audience.

The video of the female cop missing lines from the national anthem has gone viral.

The video was submitted by X user @IamNobody_fr

The video has caught the attention of many as they react to it differently…

@TinyAlonge: “Perfect depiction of the state of the npf k blurnt,

@kendrick_fisay, said: “Can we go lower than this?”

@levyngrey: “No vetting nor checking. She probably used nepotism or connections to get there. Nonsense”.

@adu_faye: “How she takes pass police academy”.

@stephcrown06: “All of you wey dey laugh at this woman no fit recite reach like this, lmao.”

@damoninal_ Omo, “I’ve not recited the national anthem for like 20 years now and I can never forget it… How can a whole police officer not be able to recite the national anthem??? And you are here justifying this??? Omo, Naija people are really the problem.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng