How I wish I had one boyfriend, Single lady with big nose cries bitterly, says no one wants to date her (Video)

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A young Nigerian lady with a distinctive and cute big nose has expressed her deep sorrow over her lack of a boyfriend.

Using her TikTok handle, Ammie Sweeshy, she shared a video where she lamented that no man seems to be interested in her.

This came as a response to a question from one of her TikTok followers who inquired if she had a boyfriend. She replied, “I wish I had one, but no one wants me.”

In the video, it was evident that the lady had a prominent nose, although she didn’t clarify whether it was a natural feature or a result of a medical condition.

Ammie appeared to be genuinely upset in the video, expressing her longing for a romantic partner. Despite her unique nose, she garnered support from viewers who found her beautiful and encouraged her in the comments.

Watch the video below

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng