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How I paved way for Nigerian hype women – Phyna spills (Video)

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, also known as Phyna, the prominent music hype priestess and reality star of BBNaija, has disclosed that she is the brains behind all hype ladies in Nigeria. In a recent podcast interview, “Spill with Phyna,” Phyna—who is said to be dating young artist Khaid—exposed that, prior to entering the Big Brother reality show, she was the first hype woman in Abuja.

The 26-year-old actress noted how she found out many hype women has taken charge in Abuja upon returning from BBNaija, asserting that she was an eye opener for all of them.

She, however, stated that whether people acknowledge or not, she paved way for Nigerian hype woman. Phyna further stated that when she went to Ghana, she saw many hype girls and most of them followed her on Instagram. She added that tomorrow such ladies would say no one paved the way for them, meanwhile, they saw her do it first and followed suit

In her words, “Before I went to BBN, I was a hype woman. I used to be in Abuja and I was the only Hype girl in Abuja and I was getting known, I was going to clubs and they were already knowing me.”

“When I went into the show and came out, I started seeing plenty of hype girls. Whether they like it or not, I paved the way for them because it was at that point they realized a hype person can go big.”

“Even when I went to Ghana, a lot of girls came to me saying they were hype girls and I was like ‘Wow that’s good’ and a lot of them followed me on Instagram.”

“Tomorrow now, somebody would say no one paved the way for me. No, you saw someone do it first and you wanted to do it. For me, I saw someone do it first before I did it”.

Watch the video below: