How do I take care of these children now, Actor Lekan Olatunji cries as he mourns his supportive wife’s death

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A Nollywood actor, Lekan Olatunji, has mourned the death of his wife, saying her love will eternally burn within him.

It is a heartbreaking moment for Yoruba actor and producer Lekan Olatunji as his wife, Ifedolapo Olatunji, passed on Thursday, September 14. While the cause of the actor’s wife’s death was not made public, the reports revealed he lost her after spending millions of naira on her health

In an Instagram post, he expressed his anguish over the death of his wife, whom he called his ”guardian angel, companion, and everything,”

He wrote;


I tasted all that is sweet, but I found nothing sweeter than good health.
I tasted all that was bitter, but nothing was more bitter than being in need of good people.
I carried both, iron and rocks, but nothing was heavier than debt.
I discovered that life comprises of two days; A day for you and a day against you. So when it is for you, do not be reckless; and when it is against you, be patient. Because both days will expire!
*If you can’t be a bridge to connect people, then don’t be a wall to separate them.*
*If you can’t be a light to brighten people’s good deeds then don’t be darkness covering their efforts.*
*If you can’t be a vaccine to give life, don’t be a virus to terminate it.*
We can only be each other’s keepers. 👌🏽

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng