“Hope you won’t leave your new husband if he no get money again, 3 husband is okay” Fans slams Laide Bakare over her new relationship, she reacts

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare recently addressed a troll’s inquiry about her new relationship. The Yoruba star, who introduced her new partner last year, found herself defending him against unfounded accusations, details of which she chose not to disclose publicly. Laide emphasized the subjectivity of opinions, stating that what suits one person might not be suitable for another.

In response to a comment in her section, a troll questioned Laide’s commitment to her new relationship, drawing parallels to her past. The troll specifically inquired if financial considerations might lead her to leave her current partner, as was the case with her second husband. Despite being a mother of three and having experienced two marriages, Laide Bakare maintained her stance, encouraging the importance of continuing to embrace love, possibly indicating her resilience in the face of criticism.

“Congratulations to you. Hope you won’t japa later because of money because you are Olowo ni no Balo, 3 husband is okay rest, Hun”.

Replying to him, Laide hurled insults at him as she noted how has her own money.

“Ode like say I know get my own money. Ori e ti daru. Oponi, Omo Ale”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng