“Hope you are ready for this fiigth”- Iyabo Ojo sends message to Lizzy Anjorin ahead of their first court hearing tomorrow

In addition to the message conveyed to Lizzy Anjorin, Iyabo Ojo, the esteemed Nollywood actress, also emphasized the significance of upholding professionalism and integrity amidst their legal proceedings. She reiterated the importance of mutual respect and adherence to the judicial process, urging Lizzy to approach the court hearing with sincerity and honesty.

Furthermore, Iyabo Ojo extended her wishes for an amicable resolution to their dispute, highlighting the importance of finding common ground and fostering positive relationships within the industry. She emphasized the need for unity and solidarity among Nollywood practitioners, despite any differences or conflicts that may arise.

Ultimately, Iyabo Ojo’s message reflects her commitment to upholding justice, fairness, and unity within the Nollywood community, underscoring the importance of professionalism and mutual respect in resolving disputes.

The movie stars are gearing up for their first court hearing tomorrow and Iyabo has taken time out to send her a message. In a post on her Instagram page, she reminded her to bring all the evidence she has against her and her family to the courtroom.

She reemphasized that she shouldn’t leave anything out at their appointment as she expressed excitement at seeing her in the courtroom.

“Madam set up, all the evidence you claim to have against my family, most especially my humble self, Please do not forget to bring it along, our court appointment is tomorrow morning. I look forward to seeing you, darling”.

Months back, Ojo and Anjorin had resorted to their respective social media platforms to shade each other consistently.

Iyabo Ojo had shared a video where she was mimicking and mocking Lizzy Anjorin humorously. Lizzy, obviously offended by this went on to reveal some intimate details about Iyabo Ojo, accusing her of promiscuity. She even went as far as revealing that Ojo had even engaged in a threesome with a rich politician and was the brain behind Gistlover.

Following the allegation, Iyabo had threatened legal action against Lizzy demanding a public apology or risk paying N500 million for her libelous publication.

To settle the dispute, Iyabo’s lover, Paulo Okoye had called for a boxing fight between the two and promised to give the winner N10m.

Early this month, Iyabo Ojo had made mockery of Lizzy Anjorin after he was accused of stealing N90k at a market in Lagos.

Refreshing your memory, a week back, Lizzy was accused of defrauding a vendor at the Lagos Island market, Idumota.

Defending herself, Lizzy had debunked the reports and blamed it on people like Iyabo trying to set her up.

Iyabo, reacting to the news celebrated as she shared a video of her dancing and drinking beer. In a follow-up post, she announced a giveaway to her fans stating that she doesn’t do fake alerts.

In an interview, she questioned how she set Lizzy up, questioning if Lizzy announced to her that she was going to the market, or if she was the one who did transfer.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng