His House Has Been Flooded, He Walk Bear Foot, Netizen Beg Pastor Gabriel Agbala To Please Seek Help For Veteran Actor Pa Ajirebi (Video)

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Several admirers of the seasoned actor Ajirebi Kayode Olasehinde, commonly referred to as Pa James, have united to request aid from Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a renowned prophet based in Ibadan.

It’s remembered that actress Olaniyan Tosin once posted a video from a movie set featuring Pa James, playfully expressing her desire to marry him.

In his response, Pa James humorously stated, ” I will sell my father’s only land because of you”

While some fans found it amusing, others took the opportunity to voice their support for the veteran actor.

In the comments section, certain fans reached out and appealed for the assistance of Pastor Agbala Gabriel, who has a notable history of aiding veteran actors in difficult circumstances.

One fan wrote, “Please introduce aji rebi to agbala Gabriel too make he help am , I use to see this man at ikeja walking bare foot , he need help too even if he don’t want to voice out , he his also a legend 🙏🙏”

Another one wrote, “@ajomale.adebayo I dey see am for Ayobo jumping on bus to ayetoro”

Another one wrote, “@ajomale.adebayo I support ❤”

Another one wrote,” @ajomale.adebayo My brother you too can do that just tag him with Agbalagba Gabriel hopefully He will be favored”

Recalled that Pa Ajirebi, who has graced screens with his remarkable acting skills for decades, encountered a housing challenge at one point.

It was disclosed that his residence had been impacted by flooding, placing him in a challenging situation. Images of his flooded home circulated on social media, evoking concern and empathy from both fans and colleagues.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng