He’s A Poor Legend, I Saw Him In Ikeja Walking Bare foot, Fans Seek Help For Pa James Ajirebi From Pastor Agbala Gabriel.

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A dedicated group of veteran actor Ajirebi Kayode Olasehinde’s fans, affectionately known as Pa James, have come together to seek assistance from Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a renowned prophet based in Ibadan.

This initiative arose following a lighthearted video shared by actress Olaniyan Tosin, featuring Pa James on a movie set, where she humorously expressed her desire to marry him.

In his characteristic witty manner, Pa James responded, “I will sell my father’s only land because of you.”

While many fans enjoyed the playful banter, others saw an opportunity to rally behind the veteran actor.

Numerous supporters flocked to the comments section, urging Pastor Agbala Gabriel to extend his assistance to Pa James, known for his history of aiding veteran actors in need.

One fan voiced, “Please introduce Aji Rebi to Agbala Gabriel as well so he can help him. I often see this man walking barefoot in Ikeja; he also needs assistance, even if he hasn’t voiced it. He’s a legend too 🙏🙏.”

Another fan shared, “I’ve witnessed it in Ayobo, him jumping onto a bus headed for Ayetoro.”

Supportive remarks such as “I’m in agreement ❤” and “You can also participate in this. Just tag Agbalagba Gabriel; hopefully, he will extend his favor” exemplified the collective effort of fans, aiming to garner support for Pa James through various avenues, including seeking assistance from Pastor Agbala Gabriel.

Recall that Pa Ajirebi, a seasoned actor known for his exceptional acting prowess displayed on screens over the span of decades, encountered a housing predicament at one point.

Reports surfaced that his dwelling had fallen victim to flooding, placing him in a challenging predicament. Images of his inundated residence circulated on social media in the past, generating a wave of concern and sympathy from both his admirers and fellow colleagues. The incident highlighted the unfortunate circumstances he faced and prompted a collective response of empathy and support.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng