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“He will always be my son even in deæth”- Mohbad’s father cries out in new video amid ex-wife’s claim he isn’t Mohbad’s dad (Video)

Shortly after his ex-wife made a startling revelation, claiming that he is not the biological father of Mohbad, Joseph Aloba poured out his anguish in a poignant video. Using his own songs to express his deepest emotions, tears streamed down his face as he mourned the loss of Mohbad and the relentless onslaught of criticism he faced.

Just days following the allegations made by Mohbad’s mother, his estranged wife, Joseph Aloba finally broke his silence in a tearful video. In the emotional footage, he is seen overcome with grief, singing his familiar tunes while reflecting on the pain inflicted by the harsh judgment and gossip directed towards him.

In a heartfelt video, Joseph Aloba, father to the late singer Mohbad, was seen overcome with emotion, tears streaming down his face while listening and vibing to one of his yet-to-be-released songs.

Just recently, specifically on Monday, Mohbad’s mother, Abosede, made shocking allegations against Aloba, claiming that he is not the biological father of the late singer.

She accused Aloba of being a “thief” who is only interested in capitalizing on Mohbad’s death for financial gain.

Abosede also issued a three-day ultimatum for Aloba to undergo a DNA test to determine if he is Mohbad’s father.

In the wake of Abosede’s claim going viral, Aloba was captured in a new video, singing one of his unreleased tracks, visibly tearing up at intervals as he grappled with the situation.

In the song, Aloba questions why people delight in spreading rumors about him. Singing in the Yoruba language, he expresses bewilderment, wondering what he has done to deserve the “hate and criticism” directed towards him.

Aloba laments that he is now uncertain about who truly supports him, feeling a sense of betrayal where he cannot distinguish between his family and his enemies.


Mohbad, ex-Marlian record signee, died under mysterious circumstances on September 12. He was buried the following day.

On September 21, the body of the 27-year-old music star was exhumed by the police for autopsy.

Due to the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death, his family has been in the public eye.

Issues concerning the paternity of Liam, Mohbad’s son with Omowunmi, have also been the subject of discussion.