He promised me to teach me lesson with G0ld in R00m 103, gate man cried out as his girlfriend go buy g0ld that brother want to teach her lesson video trend (Watch the end)

In this lighthearted comedy skit, the gate man’s concern takes a comedic turn as his girlfriend discloses the plan for a lesson with a respected brother in Room 103, complete with the requirement of gold. The video captures the girl’s rebellious spirit as she receives a call from the influential brother, setting the stage for a humorous encounter.

The anticipation builds as the brother instructs her to come prepared to room 103 with gold and protection. The comedic twist adds charm to the scenario, creating a playful narrative that invites viewers to enjoy the humor, engage by watching, and participate in the online conversation by liking, commenting, and sharing across various social groups.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng