“He look like Davido son, Ifeanyi ” – Adorable moment Davido dances with young fan at show in Uganda (Video)

Nigerian music sensation Davido, also known as David Adeleke, stirred discussions online when he shared a heartwarming moment with a fan during his concert in Uganda. At the TimelessKampala event on Friday night, March 29, the ‘Unavailable’ hitmaker delivered a memorable performance, showcasing his classic hits while captivating his fans, many of whom danced with joy. During his rendition of “Champion Sound,” a collaboration with Focalistic, Davido noticed a young girl radiating positivity as she danced to his music. A video captured the touching moment when Davido brought the enthusiastic fan onto the stage, where they danced energetically together.

His concise yet endearing interaction with the young girl ignited enthusiasm among the audience, eliciting joyful shouts. Numerous attendees eagerly reached for their phones to capture the heartening scene.

The video, swiftly gaining traction on social media, sparked extensive reactions online, with many flocking to the comment section to express their sentiments.

Several viewers inferred that Davido developed a connection with the young girl possibly stemming from his yearning for his late son, Ifeanyi.

Check out the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

adekaz_interiordecor said, “When you see DAVIDO you see joy and happiness 💯”.

dammy_eko said, “Only if you’ll know what he saw in the young kid… His son 😞”.

anas_ha9 said, “This guy has is so loving but sadly he’s always the one people undermine his craft and this page is one of those”.

fearlessg.music said, “That’s the king of Afrobeat right there O.B.O way 🔥🕺💃”.

turay8260 said, “chioma husband 💍 king davido ❤️ l love Davido forever 🇸🇱🇴🇲”.

hus__sai__na said, “Children cannot go to concert in Abuja, concerts wey na igbo full am.”

Davidochristopher63 said, “I’m a die hard fan of Davido ❤️ The biggest artist in the world 🌔 my favorite musician 001🇳🇬”.

iam_dikio20_gram said, “I just too love Davido😢😢😢😢😢#NoDiddy….But Omoh the guy just get pure heart ,with em smiles self you go know say Love full this guy heart,na broke Nigerians just Dey hate em bcuz em Papa get money”.

djreeves_uk8701 said, “He doesn’t have time to hate the people who hate him, because he’s too busy loving the people who love him ✊🏾💙❤️✨✨ @davido ❤❤❤🔥🔥”.

samueldre001 said, “@davido one thing I like about him he’s always happy”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng