He His A Weak Guy, So He Could Not Fight But Run Up and Down, Speed Darlington Mock Late Mohbad As He Was Over Powered (Watch)

Controversial rapper Speed Darlington has faced criticism for making fun of the late talented singer Mohbad, who tragically passed away at the age of 27 last week.

Before his tragic passing, the singer had been subjected to bullying by his former label boss, Naira Marley, and Naira Marley’s aide, Sam Larry. Videos of these incidents, where they assaulted the singer, circulated on the internet.

In addressing the situation, Speed Darlington criticized Mohbad, calling him a “weakler” and suggesting that the singer should have defended himself against Naira Marley and Sam Larry.
Speed Darlington expressed his opinion that bullies tend to target individuals they can easily oppress, and they are afraid of those who fight back or are stronger than them.

Using Mohbad as an example, Speed Darlington advised parents to raise resilient individuals, referring to them as “beasts” rather than “weaklings,” especially when it comes to raising boys to become strong men.

“Make sure your son is a beast, make sure you produce a beast and not a weakling. I saw too many videos of a dead man, “If anything happens to me, Naira Marley and his boys oo”, I was looking at him, like see this weakling. Bully no dey attack person wey go beat am, bully first go size you up, convince himself that he can lick you like ice cream. Bully does not attack people that are stronger than them. If say every time they attack this boy, whether they are two or three, one of them pleads profusely, dey wouldn’t do it again. But all he does is carry phone and run up and down. Rest in peace to a dead man. Stop raising a weakling, it can’t happen to me”.

While some agreed with Speed Darlington’s perspective, others criticized him for making fun of someone who has passed away, viewing it as disrespectful to the deceased.

One Obidi Big Dude wrote, “Facts. You have to possess the ability to inflict pain or be devilish but should be able to control your anger. A strong/good man isn’t a man who can’t do evil or inflict pain on others but a man who can do evil but chooses not to do it

One Pure Me wrote, “You be mad man for real. Ur, mate are sending condolences and sympathizing with the family with Mohbad. Mumu Igbo dey

One Pretty Nazinsta wrote, “I just learnt some survival skills to teach my kids. When bullies come in their numbers, pick one and make a mess of that one. At least one of them will be scared to attack you next time”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng