Happy Birthday To My Duplicate, Veteran Actor Wale Akorede ‘Okunnu’ Says As He Celebrate His Daughter Birthday

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Nigerian actor Wale Akorede, famously recognized as Okunnu, took to social media to mark his daughter’s birthday in a touching manner.

Okunnu shared a heartfelt snapshot of himself alongside his daughter on his Instagram account.

In the accompanying caption, he expressed his deep emotions with a genuine message, conveying his affection and heartfelt blessings to his cherished daughter on her unique day.

He penned, “Today belongs to you, Amudalat Modupe Ayoka. May your life be blessed with many more such days. Happy birthday to my mirror image, my precious gem, my beloved. May you gain additional knowledge and wisdom. Once again, a joyful birthday to you @itmoyin.”

In a previous instance, Okunnu’s wife had turned to social media to commemorate their cherished daughter’s birthday, as she celebrated another year of existence. She also sent a heartfelt prayer to God, beseeching for heightened wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

In her heartfelt words, “Wishing my dear princess Amudalat Modupe @itmoyin a joyful birthday 🥳❤️😍. May the Almighty Allah bless you with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding 🙏🏾. May you enjoy a long life that sees your dreams come true ❤️🙏🏾. I adore you immensely, my lovely daughter 🥹💕.”

With a poignant message, Okunnu’s wife shared images of their daughter, expressing her deep love and esteem for her.

View his post below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng