“Ha, This Is Too Much oooo”– Viral Video Of A Lady Full Price Stir Massive Reaction Online

A viral video showcasing the extravagant bride price paid by a man for his future wife has gained traction on social media. In the video, the man purchases numerous items, including five boxes, totaling a cost of over 2 million Naira, with additional undisclosed expenses. While some criticize the family for the excessive demands, others highlight the cultural differences in bride prices across regions, with some expressing reluctance to marry from areas where such costs are traditionally high, such as Imo, Abia, and other Igbo states.

Read social media reaction below;

Osastheplug wrote: My future husband no go waste money on any rubbish uncle,auntie or youth of any village o!! Because I no know anybody.When I Dey suffer Dey pay pay school fee nobody remember me!

Talktoshe_ng wrote: This guy might not want to see the inlaws in his house afterwards. This is a one time payment: no visit, no sending of money, no holidays. Its bye-bye 👋

Aribadasha wrote: Not that I don’t have the money for all these things, and I am not trying to be tribalistic, but this is a strong reason why I can’t marry an Igbo lady. Especially those ones from Imo, Ebonyi, and Abia.

Evve_lynn wrote: This is not right.. are they selling their daughter? Hukup pro max

Mariachi wrote: Which one be guess the Tribe? Na guess the state not the tribe Biko

Kenny flexs wrote: Have you guys noticed that the poor are mostly the ones with high bride price? Especially when they know that you have money

Comrjulie wrote: It must Awgu town people but the beauty of it is that she carries it to her husband’s house except the edibles

Suruche wrote: For woman wey go still cheat 😂😂😂or bring another person pikin give you 😂😂😂😂mind you am not referring to her oooo

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng