Guess The Father That Fathered d The Pregnancy, Damola Olatunji Ex Wife Bukola Arugba Asked As She Revealed Her Pregnancy Pump Online (Watch)

Bukola Arugba recently treated her followers to a video showcasing her stunning appearance during her pregnancy while on a movie set. Playfully asking her fans if they have ever seen a pregnant woman as hot as she is, she even challenged them to guess the identity of the father of her unborn child. The video sparked warm responses from her fans who praised her radiant look, despite being aware that it was captured during a movie shoot.

Bukola Arugba, the former wife of Damola Olatunji, sparked considerable online reactions with her latest comedy skit in which she adopted the persona of “Anty Saki.” Portraying a village girl navigating life in Lagos while working as a house help, her character eventually finds love and transforms her physique. In a playful caption, she questioned if she looked genuinely pregnant in the skit and playfully challenged viewers to guess the fictional father of the pregnancy. The comedy skit has garnered attention and engagement across various platforms.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng