Gospel actor Alfa Sule celebrates younger brother comic actor Woli Agba on his birthday

Femi Ajewole, aka Alfa Sule, the big brother of the popular gospel comedian Ayo Ajewole who is popularly known Woli Agba, celebrates his brother as he clocks a new age.

Alfa Sule took to his social media platform to share adorable photos of his younger brother as he celebrated his glorious birthday.

He wrote,”It’s a new year for you. Happy birthday to you my brother Ayo Ajewole”.

See his post below;

No conflict between me and Woli Agba — Alfa Sule

In an interview with Tribune Nigeria, Alfa Sule was aske;

There are speculations that you and your younger brother have separated. Some even said your relationship has not been cordial since he left your group. How true is this?

There is time for everything and no matter what, as a good father, even when you have a mansion, you would not want your child to live under you forever. You train your child to be able to achieve more and then allow him to go out and have a real life experience. A good leader makes people. He discovered his gift and I cannot stop him from using his gift. The best thing to do is to encourage him to use his gift. I have the vision of dance drama ministry; he has his own vision too and to make things easy, I allowed him carry on with his vision and he is doing well.

The vision is strictly gospel, but what your brother does now seems to be different. Is this the original vision of the dance drama group?

I take directives from God because He gave me the vision of a dance drama ministry. I called him (Woli Agba) to be a part of it and he played a role. I cannot force my own vision on him. He is not doing dance drama.

Did you give him the freedom?

Yes, he has my prayers and blessings to follow his path and I wish him well. He is my brother and our relationship will definitely be cordial; this cannot change. I have no grudge or misunderstanding against him. When the time came for him to go his way to be established, I gave him my blessings. As for the rumour doing the round. I want to use this medium to state clearly that there is no conflict between me and my brother.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng