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“Goodnight Sisi QUADRI”– Nollywood Actor Sisi Quadri Finally Lay To Rest In His Home Town Iwo (Watch)

The final resting place of the beloved actor Sisi Quadri was confirmed to be in his hometown of Iwo, as verified by Emiralty Africa. A video capturing the poignant moment of his burial ceremony was shared, depicting the solemn occasion.

Late Sisi Quadri was interred in his hometown of Iwo, where he had constructed one of his own homes. The funeral procession drew a sizable crowd, attesting to the widespread respect and admiration he garnered throughout his life.

As the community gathered to bid farewell, fond memories and heartfelt tributes flowed freely, underscoring the impact Sisi Quadri had on the lives of many.

Kazeemadeoti wrote: May Allah be pleased his soul and grant him aljanah firdaus. Amin

I_am_motungold wrote: All these muslim people should be calming down 😢 una too dey rush to buried person. Person can’t even used modaku play for where una dey habaaa😭😭

C_luxewear wrote: God is the Omnipotent 🙌.. Kaabiyesi re Olorun 🙏, we can only pray for long life but one day we will all be in this situation, no matter how long we live on earth.  Just be good 👍

Bukkeyabiola1111 wrote: Why handling him this way thou😢😢😢😢😢this place is too crowdy

Dhayourcreme wrote: Distasteful & Appalling 😮Why are they trying to touch his corpse forcefully 🤷‍♂️ Too clumsy

Golditeventsolution wrote: Can he just wakeup haba u r going with all d talent y now oga ooooo

Therealtolani wrote: Ahhhhh, Eje jesu 😢😢😢 kilode bayi olorun. Shey, his chapter has closed, niven, ni? 😢😢😢😢

Watch the video below;