God won’t forsake us in the rest of our journeys, Adebayo Salami says as his son’s movie ‘Jagun Jagun’ trends globally

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Renowned Nigerian veteran actor Adebayo Salami, fondly known as Oga Bello, is brimming with happiness and gratitude as his son Femi Adebayo’s movie “Jagun Jagun” garners substantial attention and recognition on a global scale.

With heartfelt emotions, Adebayo Salami shares a poignant message on his social media, accompanied by a photograph capturing himself and his son seated side by side. He extends his heartfelt appreciation to the divine for the film’s triumph and the constructive influence it’s generating.

In a prayerful tone, he beseeches that the same God who has guided their family this far in the entertainment industry will continue to support them throughout the remainder of their journey.

He seizes this moment to express his gratitude to the Almighty. In his words, “I find myself attempting to convey the enormity of the love and acceptance that #JagunJagunMovie is receiving from across the globe. May God, who has accompanied us this far, remain by our side as we continue our journey towards greatness. There’s only one word: Alhamdulillah.”

“Jagun Jagun,” a cinematic masterpiece produced by Femi Adebayo, is causing ripples not only in Nigeria but also internationally. Its acclaim for storytelling prowess and outstanding performances underscores Femi Adebayo’s skill and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng