God What Is My Offense, Lady who has been pregnant since 2022 Cry bitterly Seek God Favour (Video)


Observing your attire, a thought lingers: how much longer must this endure? A journey commenced in 2022, and now the precipice of 2024 approaches. With a heavy heart, a plea escapes: divine forgiveness for this weary soul. The weight of this pregnancy, an unwavering companion, has etched its presence. A substantial baby bump, a tangible testament to time’s passage and a yearning for respite.

Time’s unyielding march has woven a narrative, beginning in the embrace of 2022, now threading its way toward the doorstep of 2024. A woman, her heart heavy with the burden of anticipation, beseeches the heavens for clemency. “Forgive me,” her voice quivers, a plea that reverberates through the cosmos. The weight of a persistent pregnancy has become an emblem of her journey, a journey intertwined with the fabric of time itself. As her belly swells with life’s promise, she stands at the crossroads of longing and patience, yearning for the elusive moment of relief that awaits beyond the horizon.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng