“God please bless my husband, he always made me a happy woman” Portable’s wife, Bewaji peppers his Ashabi as she shares loved-up video with him

Bewaji, the wife of the controversial singer Portable, confidently reaffirmed her position as the most significant woman in his life.

In a playful yet affectionate gesture, the mother of two shared a romantic video featuring herself and the musician inside a car, playfully teasing his other baby mothers. Accompanied by a humorous caption, Bewaji warmly welcomed her spouse to the new month.

Expressing her gratitude for the joy Portable brings into her life, Bewaji extended heartfelt wishes for success and divine favor in the month ahead. She lovingly expressed her desire for even more happiness for her beloved husband in the days to come.

“Welcome to the month of success and divine favor. You have always brought happiness into my life, so I wish you even more joy in this new month, darling. Stay blessed,” Bewaji affectionately penned.

This is coming amid his drama with his fourth babymama, Ashabi.

Ashabi had granted an interview giving an insight into their love life, admitting how skeptical she was of their relationship and his marriage.

She revealed that despite the singer being married and having multiple women, she still feels like he is married to her alone. Ashabi left many shocked when she stated that even if he contracts a sexually transmitted disease that is deadly, she is ready to die with him.

Following her interview, Portable slammed her, reminding her that she is just a side chick, as he noted how he has a wife at home. The singer questioned what he did wrong by accepting her pregnancy and recounted how he moved her from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom.

Portable made it known that his wife, Zainab has never fought Ashabi and informed that he has kids with multiple women, which could total to 7. Questioning if she is the only side chick he has, he stated that she can never stand beside his wife.

Replying him, Ashabi shaded him as she noted how understanding is a gift everyone doesn’t have.

Last year, Portable dropped a bombshell on his marriage as he revealed in an interview that Bewaji isn’t his first wife.

Portable disclosed that she was his daughter before things turned lovey-dovey for them and was the only woman who stood by him and believed in him when his then-girlfriends thought he was cr@zy.

The singer, further revealed that he checks his wife’s phone constantly to avoid people wrongfully advising her or using her against him. He added that he doesn’t allow his side chicks or mistresses to compete with his wife.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng