“God Came To My Rescue When Nobody Didn’t, Despite How I Behave Towards Everybody”– Massive Reaction As Kunle Afod Meet Veteran Actor ASA Koko And His 10 Wives (Details)

Kunle Afod recently encountered a seasoned actor, possibly unfamiliar to many of the younger generation. The veteran actor, accompanied by his ten wives, expressed joy at seeing Kunle again after a prolonged absence from the acting scene. He disclosed that he had been seriously ill, spending nearly two months in the hospital. It was only by the grace of God that he recovered, as his health had deteriorated significantly. He also mentioned that the governor had stepped in to assist him during his time of need.

He also disclosed the type of work he does now as he doesn’t get called for movie again because they always says there is no role to include them because of there age.

Read some social media reaction below;

@olalerelukman9120 wrote: Kunle afod had opportunity to know all these legends because he has been around for so long also ,i ve known kunle for more than 30years now  Kunle afod  is a living legend. chief Asakoko thank God  fo his life.  The veteran with 10 wives lol

@lilianfe8398 wrote: GOD have mercy on us all no matter who you are the world have plans for us all the only prayer we should be praying is that God almighty should prepare us all to overcome what ever comes our way in Jesus mighty name

@ire2020 wrote: We know him very well. Thank God for his life. Alafia a to ara ni orúkọ Jesu.  Kunle, great job! God will not leave nor forsake you. More upliftment in Jesus name.

@tunde90titosibe wrote: Haaaaaaaa,kunle madoooo,how you locate this man asakoko,long time hope his doing fine ling life baba, this are the actors we watch in the 80s and 90s while groing up.

@femiadebayo31 wrote: Kunle Afod you try o. Well done. For searching for Asakoko. It has been a while.God bless you.

@BosunAjani wrote: Ti won ba ji mi loju orun mo mor  baba yi  daada nitoriwipe iwo ti won ba bi ni 70S wa mo won

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng