God abeg ooo, this is too much for one person” – Video of extra plus-sized South African lady set the internet ablaze (Watch)

A viral video featuring an exceptionally curvaceous South African woman has captured the attention of social media users, leading to its widespread circulation online.

In the clip, the South African lady’s generously endowed physique captivates viewers, keeping them glued to their screens.

While many Nigerians often boast of their nation’s abundance of women with ample curves, the video showcasing the South African lady suggests otherwise, positioning them ahead in terms of physique.

The South African woman showcased in the video exhibits her impressive dancing skills, grooving energetically to the upbeat tunes of the Amapiano music genre. Despite her voluptuous figure, her effortless movements on the dance floor draw admiration and raise eyebrows among spectators.

Captioning the video, IG influencer Yhemolee wrote; “Come oh be like I won forgive southie oh 🇿🇦 Be like dem still pass of for this specie oh 🙏🙏😭🤣.”

He added; “Our own girls don do BBL taya still no see draw 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣.”

Watch the video below;

See other reactions below;

sean_teekaybee: If I ever get this, I am not cheating, she is the definition of journey of a thousand miles, mission possible if your willy fit carry am😂.

m_holamide: How she go dey tamba 🤔.

lifestyle_kingbc: For this department them go always pass us na southy God first reach when he Dey share yanch nor worry for that department my man 😂.

nenegoodness: They’ve sent their girls!!!! Concentrate guys!!!

official_dammyperry: If you get belle use this opportunity to tell your papa ohh 👂👂 Man they happy like this 😂💔😂.

kenepisode1: This one na punishment. Even to her wey get the ny*sh 😂😂 She no fit trek for 13 minutes make she no tire.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng