God abeg let my grace speck for me, Congratulations Pour In As Young Duu Acquired Brand New

Popular comedian Paulgoodguy, known for his comedy skits where he humorously portrays Jesus, recently shared exciting news on his Instagram. He revealed that Young Duu has acquired a new car, marking a significant development following his departure from Zeh Nation Records.

Paulgoodguy explained that Young Duu’s former boss, Portable, had taken back the car he initially provided for him after Young Duu left Zeh Nation Records. Portable allegedly claimed that Young Duu was affecting him since joining the label.

During Portable’s European tour, Young Duu reportedly failed to show up at his bar, and Abuga couldn’t account for his whereabouts. This led to frustration, prompting them to part ways with Young Duu.

Now, it seems that Young Duu’s fortune has taken a positive turn, as he has received a brand new car, signifying a fresh start in his career. This news has generated excitement and anticipation among his fans and supporters. The video below likely captures the celebratory moment of this new development in Young Duu’s journey.

Here’s how netizens reacted to the news:

Head_wire__: “Omo olorun gbadura fun mi na 😢” (Translation: “Oh God, please pray for me too 😢”)

Otunbabayo1: “Young Duu Grammy Award winner 🏆”

Atzy_clink: “Olukoni should collect 20% from Young Duu 😂” (Olukoni might be a reference to a manager or agent)

Princess_loveth_78th: “Oh Lord, answer all my prayers and bless me and my husband too 🙏🙏.”

Khally_photography: “😂😂😂😂 hahaha, what’s this, man!!!!!”

These reactions reflect a mix of excitement, humor, and prayers for blessings and success. Young Duu’s journey and newfound car have clearly captivated the attention and emotions of netizens.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng