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Go and eat it, The police have released Mohbad’s body for burial but his father refuses to bury him, Late singer’s mother breaks into tears (Video)

In a recent video, the mother of the late Nigerian musician Mohbad breaks down in tears to reveal that Mohbad’s father has refused to bury their son.

The late singer’s mother is heard in the film saying that although the father wanted the body stay with the police, Mohbad’s body was released for burial following an examination.

She continued by saying that despite her pleas for him to bury their son, he refused to do so.

She noted that recently she went to the commissioner of Police, and the commissioner ended up fighting her for allowing Mohbad body rest to stay in the morgue after the police released it the following day after autopsy.

She further begs Nigerians to come to her aid and talks to Mohbad father so that her son can be given a befitting burial as soon as possible.

Mohbad mother said; ‘Nigerians Please help me. Immediately the police conducted an autopsy on Mohbad’s body, they have released the body for burial but the father insisted that the body should still remain with them. I begged him passionately to let us lay the boy to rest but he refused. Last week I went to the commissioner of police and he scolded me that why have we not gone to take Mohbad’s body that he is just lying there in the morgue. Mothers please fight for me. It is Mohbad’s dad that has refused to let my son be buried.

The police have said we should come and take the body since the second day of the autopsy. Everything the dad is saying to the media, God will judge him. Some people are using Mohbad’s case to make money on the social media already. I leave them to God. My son was beat*n and bull*ed up to the point of de*th, now the father still doesn’t want him to rest. PLEASE HELP ME”

Watch the vidoe below;