“Give me money to eat. I am hungry”- Police officer offers to feed elderly couple who fought over food for one year

CSP Dolapo Badmos Opeyemi, a former Police Public Relations Officer for Zone 2 and Lagos State Commands, has pledged to provide meals for an elderly couple for a year. She expressed this commitment after witnessing a video of the couple engaged in a dispute over food, which she shared on her Instagram account last Sunday.

The elderly woman said, “Give me money to eat. I am hungry. Did you buy any land for me? Look at me? I built a shop there, it was destroyed. Give me money. I ‘m hungry. Give me money. That your wallet, bring it out.”

Responding to the video, Opeyemi expressed, “Upon viewing this video on Facebook, I attentively observed and couldn’t help but shed tears. These individuals, undoubtedly elderly, appear to belong to the nonagenarian category. Witnessing them engage in a dispute over basic sustenance deeply saddens me. It’s disheartening that at their age, they seem to lack the support of their children. However, their children’s whereabouts are not my primary concern. What matters most is providing assistance to these individuals. I urge anyone with information on their whereabouts to come forward. Alternatively, my representative will be dispatched to locate them. They are in dire need of help, and I am committed to supporting them by providing food for a year from my earnings. May God assist me in this endeavor. I implore anyone with relevant information to assist us in locating them. My heart is heavy, and I cannot rest until they are found.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng