Funny moment actress Olaniyan Oluwatosin drag Mide Martins for disrespecting her in the movie industry

funny moment actress olaniyan oluwatosin drag mide martins for disrespecting her in the movie industry 1024x537

Two talented actresses, Olaniyan Oluwatosin and Mide Martins exchanges a funny yet friendly moment as they drag about age.

In a video shared by Olaniyan Oluwatosin, she playfully claimed to be older than Mide Martins in age.

Oluwatosin, known for her wit and humor, took a playful jab at Mide Martins, suggesting that she is the senior in terms of age.

In the video, Olaniyan Oluwatosin could been seen greet her senior colleague, Mide in disrespectful manner.

equally known for her acting prowess and sense of humor replied by asking her if she’s in her right sense.

She caption the video with, “In this our industry, mo mo eni ti mo to ati eni ti mo julo, Mide warn yourself 😠 😡 @mydemartins”

Watch the video below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng