How I almost gave up when I birthed my son at six months – Foluke Daramola recounts as she celebrates his 17th birthday

Foluke Daramola’s recent celebration of her son, Ireoluwa, reaching the milestone of 17 years, goes beyond the typical birthday greetings. The actress takes a poignant journey down memory lane, recounting the challenges faced during Ireoluwa’s premature birth and his subsequent triumph over adversity.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Foluke Daramola shares a touching narrative of the early struggles when Ireoluwa was born at six months and three weeks, facing the fragility of premature infancy. She candidly reveals moments of despair, acknowledging that her baby was so tiny that he gave up twice. However, against all odds, God intervened, underlining the destiny that awaited him.

The post not only serves as a birthday tribute but also highlights the resilience and strength displayed by Ireoluwa, transforming into a mature, caring, and remarkably intelligent young man. Foluke expresses her gratitude for his growth, both physically and in character, emphasizing her initial concerns about stunted growth that were surpassed by his remarkable development.

Sharing individual and sibling photos, Foluke Daramola encapsulates the joy and significance of the occasion. The post becomes a testimony of gratitude, recognizing Ireoluwa as her “olowo ori e” (her wealth of head), her “heartbeat,” and the one who always brings a smile to her face. She concludes with heartfelt prayers for Ireoluwa’s future, expressing love and appreciation for being in her world.

This celebration extends beyond the surface, revealing a mother’s deep connection and pride in her son’s journey from a tiny premature infant to a promising young adult. Foluke Daramola’s post stands as a testament to love, resilience, and the triumph of hope over challenging circumstances.

Foluke Daramola said her baby was so tiny as he was born prematurely and gave up twice but God showed up because he had a destiny to fulfill. The movie star wrote:

“I don’t intend to write too much epistle but all I just wanna say is thank u lord. Ireoluwa had u at exactly 6 months 3 weeks, so very tiny. U gave up on me twice the 2nd time the matron was tempted to dump u by my side to discover u had given up but just when we wanted to give up hope. God showed up that u have a destiny to fulfill, when u were growing up I thought u we’re going to have stunted growth cos it took a minute for u to increase in height but all of a sudden I came to Nigeria and came back and u became a man not just a man but a very mature, caring and extremely intelligent young man.

“I practically write these incidents at ur birthday, but it’s just a way to tell God that am super grateful for bringing u my dearest, my only me one, my olowo ori e, Akande mi, my heartbeat. The one that always puts a smile on my face and also ur sister.

“Thanx for choosing me as a vessel that I came through. U are 17 yrs now a young adult I pray u become a vessel unto Honor in all u do. U shall be the head and not the tail. No weapon fashioned against u shall prosper and every tongue that rises against u shall be condemned. Happy birthday my 2nd true love. Thanx for being in my world my Prince. I love u so much Papa. Happy birthday my mumu button.”

Foluke who was previously married to film director Tunde Sobowale, got married to Kayode Salako in February 2015.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng