Femi Adebayo shower praise on Hakeem Effect over his exceptional craftsmanship in Jagun Jagun movie

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The man of the moment, Nigerian actor Femi Adebayo has taken to social media to shower praise on the remarkable work of Hakeem Effect, a makeup artist, for his exceptional contributions to the recently released movie “Jagun Jagun.”

In a heartfelt post shared on his Instagram page, Femi Adebayo expressed his awe and admiration for Hakeem Effect’s artistic talents and dedication in bringing the characters of “Jagun Jagun” to life through his extraordinary makeup and special effects techniques.

He wrote, ” @hakeemeffect’s mastery knows no bound!

I have been, and still am, utterly amazed by the sheer brilliance of Hakeem Effect and his team in Jagun Jagun. The work in makeup, SFX, special war/fight props, and pyrotechnics was nothing short of extraordinary!

They showcased unparalleled skill but also an impeccable understanding of our movie’s theme and the exact results we needed. Their dedication and precision brought our vision to life, adding depth and authenticity to every scene.

A heartfelt thank you for your exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng