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“Father’s love is underrated” – Nigerian dad warms hearts as he carries his kids to school on scooter (Video)

Many people on the internet were moved by a touching video that showed a Nigerian father riding his tiny two-wheeled scooter with his two daughters to school.

In the video shared on social media, the lovely dad could be seen arranging his kids on the scooter according to their heights with him standing behind them as he rode the vehicle.

Before the ride starts, he stomped his leg on the floor, holding the wheel as he steered in the direction to the school.

The video captured the joyful reactions on the faces of the girls as they happily ride with their father, sparking admiration among onlookers.

Watch the video below:

Internet users shared their thoughts as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

b_uniqu.e said, “Fathers love are so underrated.. I hope their efforts gets recognized more. God bless them👏❤️”.

pocopills said, “That grace that lifts a man from the place of poverty to the place of wealth shall locate you today ❤️💚💜🙏🙏😢😍”.

phizys_empirehairs said, “So beautiful to watch. May God bless him with a car very soon”.

ng___jenny said, “Tomorrow you will hear daddy carry us again 😂😂”.

ephexzee said, “Soldiers don’t have much time to spend with their families due to the security challenges of the country but when they finally have that just few days or weeks, they make it the best for their wives and kids. Find yourself a male or female soldier and come back to thank me”.

mhiz.mabella said, “The most underrated love is fathers love❤❤….we are so clued to mothers love while fathers too give in there all too ….fathers love I stan 🙌🙌”.