Fans Query Bobrisky’s Mother after she breaks into tears as she speaks about seeing her only Son and husband death (Video).

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Internet viewers have been deeply moved by a heartbreaking video showing Bobrisky’s mother sobbing and talking about her family after her husband’s passing.

The woman in the video is seen talking about her husband’s recent passing and the peculiar circumstances surrounding it.

She spoke about her late husband’s virtues as a loving husband and related a touching story of the morning he died with a heavy heart.

According to her account, her husband unexpectedly woke her up on Monday morning, 14th August, reminding her of her upcoming birthday. According to her, he proceeded to say a powerful prayer for her. This intense prayer session caught her by surprise, raising her suspicions that something was amiss.

Tragically, her worst fears came to light when she instructed her elder son to check on him after the prayers, only to discover that he had already passed away.

Amidst her tears, the mourning mother reminisced about her husband’s kindness and love, emphasizing the impact he had on their family. She heartbreakingly expressed her deep sense of loss.

She said; “He was a good man and a loving husband. Last week, we both went for the burial of his brother’s wife. He woke me up on the morning of 14th and said tomorrow is your birthday.

“He started praying heavily for me and mentioned all his family and started praying. I was concerned and I knew something was up. I called our first born to check on him and when he checked, he had died.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng