Eyin Ojulari Alabosi Ati Eyin Elejo Ofo, Actress Tawa Ajisefini Says As She Shade Colleagues For Doing Eyes Service Watch

Nollywood actress Tawa Ajisefini recently threw subtle shade at colleagues who engage in online gossip and unnecessary meddling in people’s affairs. The actress shared a picture of herself, accompanied by a caption that conveyed a sense of awakening and maturity.

In her post, Tawa Ajisefini expressed the notion of having “woken up,” hinting at a newfound awareness or enlightenment. The cryptic message seemed directed at those in the industry who are known for engaging in public spats and talking about each other behind the scenes.

The actress took the opportunity to share her perspective on divine intervention, emphasizing that God’s ways are beyond human comprehension. This could be interpreted as a call for her colleagues to focus on their individual journeys and refrain from unnecessary drama.

Tawa Ajisefini’s post not only reflects her personal growth but also addresses the broader culture within the entertainment industry. As she chooses to rise above gossip and negativity, her message serves as a subtle reminder to others about the importance of mutual respect and support within the professional community.

Fans and followers have applauded Tawa Ajisefini for taking a stand against unnecessary drama, and her post has sparked conversations about fostering a more positive and supportive environment in the entertainment industry.

She Wrote: E kaaro o eyin oremi (ore bi ota…ota bi ore) ati eyin saliu elenu gboro😄😄 Eyin ojulari alabosi ati eyin elejo ofo😜😛😄😄 Ee jiire bi???? Oni a san wa o🙏👍😄😄

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Daramolafaramola: What about us wey mo fall into any of that categories, awa genuine lover.

Omolaradrk: Tawa mi okay I go leave dis app for you😂😂😂😂😂😂afi ki olorun shanu wa ni oooo🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️.

Motunrayorshardeyshina: Maami , Awa Afenifere na nje ooo 😂, Aku ipalemo maami.

Aderonke_18: Eki awa fans yin, awon ota bi ore ni eki’o.

Chollycakesandevent: Come and give mi the wig you put on so i can use it to do christmas.

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