Even You Which Type Of Work Are You Doing If No Be Hoookuup, Fans Drag Actress Olaide Ayodeji Over His New Video As She Drag Her Colleagues (Video)

Nollywood actress Olaide Ayodeji has stirred a reaction on social media with a recent video that addresses the disparity between words and actions among some ladies. In the video, she candidly calls out those who claim to appreciate the women they are becoming while engaging in less reputable activities, specifically alluding to sex work.

The actress didn’t mince her words, suggesting that these individuals are involved in “Olosho” work, a colloquial term for sex work. Olaide Ayodeji asserted that such individuals often refrain from disclosing the nature of their work online.

However, the video has ignited a wave of criticism, with some expressing irony in the actress making such statements. Critics argue that discussing the actions of others, while engaging in activities perceived by some as similar, is hypocritical. The backlash suggests that Ayodeji’s comments may have touched a nerve and prompted a deeper conversation about societal judgments and individual choices.

This incident highlights the complexity of discussions around moral judgments and the challenges of navigating such conversations, especially within the realm of social media, where opinions can be swift and diverse. As the controversy unfolds, it underscores the need for nuanced conversations around societal expectations and individual freedom of choice.

She Wrote: I am liking the woman I am becoming,can you boldly say that about yourself 🙈 Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng