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“Eleda Iya Mi OOOOO I Used 1.5million To Buy Cloth”– Portable Say As He Went Shopping In UK (Video)

Nigerian street music sensation, Portable, recently raised eyebrows as he took to social media to express his shock and disbelief over spending a whopping 1.5 million Naira during a shopping spree in the United Kingdom. The artist, who was on tour in the UK, shared moments from his extravagant shopping experience alongside Billique, an international show promoter based in the UK.

In a surprising twist, Portable compared his shopping spree to the infamous Hushpuppi, asserting that even the renowned spender didn’t match his level by using 1.5 million Naira to purchase a single piece of clothing in the UK. The revelation sparked a mixture of reactions, with some applauding Portable’s lavish spending while others questioned the rationality of such an extravagant purchase.

In a lighthearted and somewhat self-deprecating turn, Portable sent a message to Ramon Jago, a popular entertainment figure known for selling clothes to celebrities. In the message, he humorously declared himself ‘Were Alaso,’ translating to ‘Madman clothes,’ suggesting that the exorbitant spending on a single item of clothing was a new and unexpected experience for him.

The incident has become a talking point on social media, with fans and followers engaging in discussions about the dynamics of celebrity spending, luxury lifestyles, and the surprises that come with newfound financial freedom. Portable’s candid revelation sheds light on the diverse facets of fame, money, and the unique experiences that accompany sudden wealth in the entertainment industry. As the story circulates, it adds another layer to the ongoing conversation about the evolving nature of celebrity culture in the digital age.

See social media reaction below on portable video shared online.

Elyte_ykzm247 wrote: Ika one of Africa worry dem please try remember in your paradise daddy o.

Jagunlabi00 Wrote: Portable no spend all your money finish for uk ooo make you no talk say them reap you ,

Dmul2 Wrote: No chip hush matter for mouth l, an even all those your Cubana boss…where u want see 1m pounds, u get am like this?

Princesswhitlseup wrote: Pls take him to Bicester Village to do shopping or Selfridges in London

Stanley_6_to_6 wrote: Portable what are you doing in TK MAX,😂😂 celebrating go to direct shopping store and leave TK MAX for us.

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