Eba and Egusi don injure me, Wizkid lament after enjoying a copious amount of food

Wizkid, the Afrobeat sensation, delighted his fans by showcasing his playful and humorous side in a light-hearted video. In this recent clip, he comically revealed his immobility caused by a satisfying meal, leaving him stuck in one spot.

The reason for his immobility was none other than the irresistible duo of Eba and Egusi.

In a weary tone, Wizkid conveyed that he had overeaten, and the meal had left him feeling rather exhausted.

“I can’t budge; this Eba and Egusi have left me immobilized right here.”

Wizkid’s recent foray into humor and playfulness was a delightful surprise for fans more accustomed to his serious and professional demeanor. They flocked to social media to express their joy and offer their support. Some even jokingly cautioned Eba and Egusi to “let him be” so he could regain his mobility.

This shift in Wizkid’s tone follows a challenging period in his life, marked by the loss of his mother. He returned to Nigeria with his partner, Jada, and children to commemorate his mother’s burial, though the occasion was not without controversy.

During this time, Wizkid has remained active on social media, sharing entertaining anecdotes and engaging with fans. For example, he recently posted a fan’s humorous demand for new music under the threat of unspecified consequences, to which Wizkid responded in a light-hearted manner, further endearing himself to his supporters.

In another instance, Wizkid teased his fans by suggesting a potential four-year hiatus from releasing new music, emphasizing his desire to savor the moment, relax, and relish his success and wealth.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng