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“Don’t Push Me To The Wall, Come And Take Your Responsibility”– Portable 6th Baby Mama Called Him Out For Neglecting His Son

The situation surrounding Portable’s 6th baby mama has escalated as she speaks out about the lack of financial support for their son. Expressing frustration, she revealed that Portable has not sent any money for their child’s upkeep in the past six months, despite previously receiving over 100k from him.

In a direct message to Portable, she urged him not to push her to the breaking point and demanded that he fulfill his responsibilities by providing financial support for their son. Describing him as irresponsible and unwilling to take on his duties as a father, she called for accountability and assistance in raising their child.

He wrote: ‘Portable it’s over 6 months now that you sent money for your son. Should he be eating sand? The last time you sent 100k was for his photoshoot. Is that how you treat your other children? Don’t push me to the wall. I am a peaceful lady. Send money for your son’s upkeep within the next three days if you don’t want trouble. We had this boy together, you can’t put the whole responsibility on me. If you have issues with me must you make your son to suffer?’ -Singer Portable’s babymama drags him.

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Inumidun wrote: The headache of choosing to engage yourself with more than one woman… you can never have peace. Idamu adugbo meets wayre adugbo

Turlash_bakes wrote: Why did she inform him of the pregnancy since she knew she had preferred abortion, knowing fully well portable won’t allow her abort😂😂😂. babe better find work, bcos portable no go still answer o😂. condon is 150, postinor 2 400 but una still go do raw

Slimzy0825 wrote: Alaye raise your kid yourself and leave stories…if portable no be celeb you go set ring light… That’s your own cross carry it

Amosun_jnr wrote: I don’t know the reason why we most men do suffer our own kids anytime we are having issues with there mother’s it’s unfair anyway 😢

Ilebe_yummies wrote: Please if you born girl Train her well ohhhh Humm monitor her well well it is welll!Train her the way oh the lord Nice day ahead.

Ositannaji wrote: Madam take care of your son self only portable get responsibility.mtchew

Waxykool wrote: Like say na portable force himself on u or all of una wey dey carry belle no Sabi say he get him no 1 wife..

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