Don’t Over Play Your Role In People’s Lives, Actor Akeem Adeyemi Hit Back At His Best Friend Wunmi Toriola As She Never Wish Him When His Wife Gave Birth (Watch The Full Video)

Nollywood actor Akeem Adeyemi has shared a video offering valuable life lessons about relying on oneself rather than depending on others. Akeem, who recently returned to Nigeria, opened up about his feelings regarding a situation that has been bothering him, especially since it involved someone close to him.

In the video, Akeem expressed his discontent and disappointment because his best friend, Wunmi Toriola, did not acknowledge him when his wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl a few days ago. Akeem’s candid and heartfelt expression of his feelings indicates that he’s dealing with the hurt of not receiving support or acknowledgment during a significant life event.

Akeem took the opportunity to impart some wisdom he has gained from his experiences, emphasizing the importance of returning the same energy that is given to us and not overextending ourselves in other people’s lives. He also stressed the value of not expecting too much from others to avoid disappointment.

His message serves as a reminder of the significance of self-respect and the need to maintain realistic expectations in relationships. Akeem’s willingness to share his personal experiences and lessons learned provides insight and inspiration for others who may encounter similar challenges in their own lives.

He wrote: Hello Nigeria ! Hello Lagos …. Things have learnt over the years … Always return same energy … Don’t over play your role in people’s lives. It doesn’t end well … it’s ain’t pride , it’s called self respect ✊ Secondly , don’t expect too much from people , trust me you won’t get disappointed …

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng