“Don’t allow someone who has never walked in your shoes” Toyin Abraham says after shedding light on her life

Toyin Abraham shared a video on Instagram showcasing herself in a captivating ensemble, along with a concise message about the kind of individuals she welcomes into her social circle. The Alakada actress expressed that despite facing hardships, she has healed and gained clarity on who belongs in her inner circle, rendering her past experiences irrelevant.

“My side of the story doesn’t matter anymore. Life happened, it hurt, I healed, but most importantly, I learned who deserves a seat at my table and who will never sit at it again.” In a separate post, the mother of one advised her followers not to take counsel from those who haven’t experienced what they have.

She wrote, “Don’t allow someone who has never walked in your shoes tell you how to tie your laces.”

Toyin Abraham and her protege, Abike Shuga, had a falling out during the production of their latest movie project, Malaika. Speculation arose on social media as Abike Shuga was noticeably absent from Toyin Abraham’s film campaign, and Abraham stopped sharing her posts. Additionally, Toyin Abraham unfollowed Shuga on Instagram, while Shuga continued to follow her. Reports suggested that Shuga declined to promote Malaika after its release, stating she didn’t request to be featured in the film, disappointing Abraham. Adding to the tension, Shuga, a fan of Funke Akindele, shared a video of herself unboxing an invitation to the premiere of A Tribe Called.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng